Nannies benefit from a community that understands the unique, exciting and challenging  job they share a passion for. From play dates to training, connecting online and in-person, CincyNanny understands the value of professional relationships.  Check out all of our community opportunities and get connected today!

Private Online Nanny Forum
Connect with local nannies online. Ask a childcare question, set up a play date, and get to know others! This is a private facebook group.

Group Play Dates
We offer group play dates at different locations around town. This is a great opportunity to meet other nannies of children the same age.  We often get group discounts when available. Different nannies will host, so if you have an idea we would love to hear it!

Nanny Night Out
Let’s get out and about! We meet at a restaurant for brunch, or dinner of coffee. We may see a movie, attend a wine-tasting, craft workshop, or shop. All the while, getting to know each other in a positive atmosphere!

Nanny Roundtable
An event where nannies will gather to focus on a subject that is beneficial to our  career. It is a time for information, discussion,questions and sharing personal experiences!

Local Workshops
Childcare conferences and workshops happen here in the city, and we often we attend them together as a group. CincyNanny also hosts one-day workshops on occasion.

National Conferences
Professional Nanny affiliations, like the International Nanny Association and Nannypalooza have an annual conference each year.

We would love to meet you!
Please fill out the “get connected” form and we would be glad to add you to our mailing list and see what you are interested in! We have nannies joining at all times, there is no cost to be a part of our professional organization!

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