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application buttonCincyNanny will work as your referral agent to recruit, pre-interview, pre-screen and background check quality candidates for your family.  You share in the interview process and choose which nanny will join your family team!
9 years ago, CincyNanny began a network for professional nannies, offering continued training unlike nothing else in Cincinnati! Most of our candidates apply from within that ever-growing community. We are proud to offer your family THE BEST nannies.

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faqs bannerWhat does the service cost us? 

One-time $275 non-refundable Registration Fee  is due prior to the Family Assessment and will be deducted from the total Referral Fee.

One-time Referral Fee: 12%, based on the Candidate’s Gross Annual Compensation. Minimum fee is $2000.

What are nannies paid? 

You, the family, are the employer of the nanny and pay them directly. Career nannies via CincyNanny are seeking $15-25/hour dependent on experience, education, expertise as well as the specific position requirements. While you can hire a nanny for less through other avenues, the level of candidates that apply with CincyNanny are seeking this range. Nannies are paid by the hour for every hour worked, anything over 40 hours in a week is subject to overtime pay (time and a half). Taxes are withheld. Nannies are employees rather independent contractors and therefore should receive a W-2 not a 1099.

In addition, most nannies receive benefits such as paid time off, paid holidays, mileage reimbursement, and professional development reimbursement. Some career nannies will ask for a healthcare stipend. CincyNanny can help you create compensation and benefits package specific to your position.

How long does it take? 

The process can take 3-6 weeks for a full-time position (35+hours/week), sometimes longer for a part-time position (20-35 hours/week). Positions that have rates in line with the job expectations and offer additional benefits will be more attractive and can close sooner. Families that are able to interview and trial quickly will help that timing as well. Keep in mind that a nanny may need to give 2-4 weeks notice at their current position.

How do you vet candidates? 

We actively receive applications, review professional resumes, and vet candidates, significantly narrowing down the pool of applicants to truly qualified, superior candidates.

A candidate’s screening process includes:
+  Application
+  Essay questions
+  Resume review
+  Confirmation of experience, minimum of 2 years in professional child care
+  Initial pre-screens assuring alignment of job specifics, pay, schedule, experience, etc.
+  Thorough reference calls for both competency and character
+  In-person behavioral interview and expectations agreement
+  Confirmation of CPR/First Aid status
+  DISC Personality Assessment
+  INA Basic Skills Assessment, requiring 70% passing in the subjects of health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development.
+  Background Check, Motor Vehicle Record, & Drug Test (see details below)


What is included in the background screening? 

Safety is one of our core values so we look to the International Nanny Association and align with their high standards for screening candidate.  We partner with a local agency, HRProfile Employment Screening, to collect information from the candidate. The package includes a Social Security Trace, 7-Year Look Multi‐County Criminal Check, Protective Orders, National Criminal Database, Violent Sex Offender Search, Motor Vehicle Record and 9-panel Drug Test.

Do you service Nanny Shares? 

A nanny share can be an economical way to have the benefits of nanny care and group care. A nanny will watch the children of two families at one location (or rotate locations), and the families will both employ the nanny, sharing the cost. For this to be successful, families must first find a family match – agreeing on hours, expectations, length of employment and qualities sought in a nanny (CincyNanny does not facilitate the family match). From there CincyNanny will do a Family Assessment with both families together to design the job and help navigate this type of arrangement. Nanny Shares typically pay a higher hourly rate than same amount of children in a single family to attract candidates who may be nervous about the added risk of job ending and difficulty of having multiple employers. Though tricky to navigate, we can help families thing through the logistics to make this working relationship both attractive to candidates and successful long-term.


square 1 year guarantee (1)

What if it’s not working out? 

Should the nanny you have hired not be working out, please call us immediately. Many common issues can be worked through with some coaching and communication. However, if you and the nanny cannot come to terms, we are here to help! In the event of employment termination, within 1 full year of the nanny’s start date, CincyNanny will apply a pro-rated portion of your referral fee toward your next search!

What are the expectations of us as a family? 

  • Complete the initial family application
  • Agree and sign the client agreement & pay the Registration Fee
  • Agree to an in-person family assessment with CincyNanny, so we can thoroughly understand your family’s needs and values as well as the unique position.
  • Agree to a mutual Work Agreement with nanny that you hire
  • Agree to pay a fair wage and withhold taxes, legally adhering to FCRA laws
  • Referral Fee is due within 7 days of nanny’s acceptance of offer and at no later than 48 hours prior to employment start.



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