For Nannies

CincyNanny is here for you! We believe in quality care by exceptional nannies. We will aide you with resources, a job board and community support.  We can also coach you in your career. So if you are getting started or stuck in a conflict, let us coach you through it!



Professional Nanny Community

It’s really rewarding to be a part of a community that understands your role and encourages your growth! We connect in-person for play dates and social event (Link: Upcoming Events) as well as online in a private forum for local working or veteran nannies only. We keep it positive and professional!  (Link: Private Forum). Each year we have a team of 4 nannies that serves our community planning events, meet the Nanny Panel.


CincyNanny hopes that you will connive to grow in your field. We hope to point you to the best resources in the industry like associations, conferences, and payroll companies. We also keep a list of our favorites here locally. (Check it out here: Resources)

We host regular training: CPR, professional development and childcare workshops as well as attend local and national conferences together. Dates are on the Upcoming Events page.



Looking to go to the next level in your career, negotiate a contract, or deal with conflict? CincyNanny will coach you 1-on-1. We will talk resources, set goals and find solutions!  (Check it out here: Coaching Services for Nannies)


On the search for an amazing job! We would love to interview you! CincyNanny works with families who are seeking nanny placement and coach families who are DIY hiring their nanny. You will have access to those positions on our jobs boards, once you have applied!  (Check it out here: Apply for Positions | Jobs Board)