“joy to work with” 

You were a joy to work with! You found and matched us with the perfect nanny addition to our family. I hope she can stay with us until our kids are 16! (…only slightly joking!).”

~ The H family

“support was invaluable” 

 CincyNanny helped me find a secure, professional position to continue my career. Their support was invaluable during my job search.

~ Nanny Jenny

“the perfect fit” 

The experience was easy and quick to execute. Greta asked all the right questions to find the perfect fit
for our family and children’s needs. Candidates were very diverse, but we ended up with the perfect fit for our family.

~The T Family

“middle ground” 

“Greta did a great job at matching me with a fantastic family and keeping me updated throughout the entire hiring process! The most helpful through the hiring process was having Greta as the middle ground. The service exceeded my expectations.”

~ Nanny Korie


“I appreciated timely responses – Greta quickly arranged a meeting to determine our needs and we were interviewing qualified candidates in less than a week.

The C Family

“a great partner” 

“Greta was a great partner in this experience and helped us figure out our needs. She was very prompt in communication and very patient as well. The service exceeded my expectations.”

~The S Family

“guidance and knowledge” 

My experience was beyond great. I felt like I was walked through the process and was assisted the whole way through. Greta’s guidance and knowledge was the most helpful through the hiring process. I will continue to support CincyNanny. 

~ Nanny Jenn

“believes in their nannies” 

“The service exceeded my expectations From day one with CincyNanny they have been wonderful. CincyNanny believes in their nannies and supports us 100%. It was a very speedy process and I was always able to contact Greta in a timely manor. They are very helpful, with keeping me updated to making sure I’m happy!”

~ Nanny Nadia

“efficient and helpful” 

Greta was efficient and helpful during our nanny hiring process. The service we received is ideal for a family like us – young kids and working parents – who needed experienced candidates for infant care. We are pleased with our nanny and we are hopeful she will be a good long-term fit for our family, since that was our primary reason for using the placement services. The service exceeded my expectations. 

~ The M Family


“From initial interview to final placement, I really enjoyed working with CincyNanny. It was so nice to have someone to check in with after a working interview and felt reassuring to have an advocate for contract negotiations.”

~ Nanny Amanda


“The service you are able to provide is invaluable! You are looking out for us and our position while also looking out for the nanny.”

 ~ The S. Family

“breadth of experience” 

“Things are going great with our nanny. We appreciate the breadth of her experience with children. That has been very helpful. Additionally, she is extremely reliable and I don’t worry for a second when our son is with her.”

~ The W Family

“loving nanny life” 

“Thanks for checking in! We are loving nanny life and loving her. It’ s been a great thing for our family. We want to make sure we’re keeping her happy so she will stay around as long as possible!”

 ~ The M Family

“realize my fullest potential” 

“The interview process really allowed me to outline my expectations and even made me realize my fullest potential as a nanny. I think that is was important for me to be able to speak on my desires, and what was important to me in a placement. I truly believe I was placed perfectly with my family. Our one year is coming up and I am really looking forward to the next chapter.”

~ Nanny Ashley

“peace of mind” 

“My experience with CincyNanny was fantastic. They found the perfect fit for our family and the communication and professionalism we experienced from Greta during the process gave us so much peace of mind. We appreciated all of the detail in the candidate profiles because it was so much more informative than the typical resume and we really felt like we got to know our nanny before we ever met her in person. We highly recommend doing the elite placement service because it made it so easy for us.”   

~ The H Family 


“Greta, it was such a pleasure to get to sit down and talk to you! I was already excited about going back to nannying, but after talking to you the excitement has grown!!! I am so thankful for your insight and knowledge about becoming a professional nanny.”

~ Nanny Courtney

“so impressed” 

“I was so impressed with the quality and experience of care from the nannies connected through CincyNanny.”

~ The H Family

“clear communication” 

“We never would have been able to find such a caring, professional, and experienced nanny without CincyNanny! Greta is very responsive and provides clear communication whenever we had questions or needed assistance.”

~ The T Family


“Thank you again. If I encounter another family who needs a stellar nanny services, I will recommend you highly.”

“a powerful tool” 

“CincyNanny is “the place ” for families and nannies to be joined together. As a professional nanny for years I know how important it is to join the right nanny with the right family for the benefit of the children. Greta has the touch of knowing her nannies as she places to ensure a fantastic match!! CincyNanny is a powerful tool that makes looking for childcare easier than ever with results that are sure to please.”

~ Nanny Beth