With over 20 years in the child care industry, and a Masters Degree in Theology, Greta has always felt a call to care for the next generation.  She has worked as a professional nanny, youth minister, nanny community director and nanny placement agency owner. 

While working  as a professional nanny for young triplet boys, Greta began meeting more and more career nannies during their adventures around Cincinnati.  After seeing a common desire to connect and being introduced to the ‘nanny world’ at her first INA conference, in 2009 Greta began gathering professional, career nannies together in Cincinnati for the first time. Offering training, playdates and peer support, CincyNanny began as a nanny community. 

In 2015, Greta founded CincyNanny LLC, an elite placement agency. She expanded beyond supporting community and training to also connect families and career nannies for employment done the right way. 

Greta’s entrepreneurial drive, and high standards for care have led her to be a national leader in the professional nanny world. She has served on the INA Board of Directors for a cumulative 7 years and is an INA Credentialed Nanny. In May of 2010, Greta was the recipient of the International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year award and received her 15-year INA Service Award Pin cumulative in 2020. 

Greta has a heart to elevate the nanny industry overall, while empowering all women in the workforce. By providing excellent jobs for nannies and excellent support for mothers managing both family and career, ultimately, to enrich the lives of children.

Greta is married to the love of her life, Doug, and they have two school-age boys. Greta is a life-long learner, adores travel, theology, accomplishing organization and creative projects, teaching swing dance, and managing projects for her church. She thinks there is nothing better than the warmth of a sleeping baby, the sound of a rainstorm, a walk on the beach with her husband, or a full-bodied cabernet.

*Greta does offer coaching for industry leaders, click here to read more about business coaching and nanny coaching opportunities. 

Red Cross Certified Babysitter at Age 12.

“Greta Schraer was not only my first babysitter but one of my most important childhood role models. The impact that she had on me when I was growing up was priceless…. the title nanny doesn’t really give the depth of our relationship justice.”

~ Blair H. 

Award-winning | Nanny of the Year

“Her impact on both of our children as a positive, loving role model was very clear from the beginning. Greta’s faith and positive energy created an atmosphere of confidence and mutual respect that our children continue to demonstrate today.”

~ Patrick W.

Credentialed Nanny

“She is a professional in every respect of the word. She belongs to and participates in national nanny organizations. She has taken the time and initiative to found CincyNanny, a group dedicated to improving the quality of employment for nannies, improving the quality and skills of nannies, providing support and information for nannies, and providing social network of play dates and nights out for the area nannies… She is tireless in her dedication to our family and her profession.”

~ JoAnn M.

10 Years in Youth Ministry

“Greta has shown herself to be a great leader amongst her peers as well as those who are older than she. She is looked up to with great respect and honor. She has proven herself to be a person with outstanding leadership skills which are above many I have known. Her heart’s desire to serve others, no matter what their situation, is incredibly commendable.”

~ Dale C. 



Professional mom of two school-aged boys, Greta now seeks quality and safe care for her own children.  The safety of her boys and ALL children is at the forefront of any personal or placement search. Thorough screening is worth the investment; we are protectors.


Sarah is an INA Credentialed Nanny and has worked in the nanny industry for nine years. In 2020, she had the honor of being a nominee for the 2020 International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year award. Sarah has been involved with CincyNanny since 2016, and has been serving on the Nanny Panel since 2018.   

Her career has led her to work with several families, but her heart and specialty lie in caring for families with multiple children (typically 4+ children.) Sarah’s nanny style, (or nanny magic, as she likes to say) brings a touch of whimsy to her families. Her days with the kids are filled with crafts, singing, dancing, and a symphony of laughter. Sarah loves being a nanny because she can play a part in teaching children emotional intelligence, empathy, awareness, and kindness. Her goals and hopes are that through her efforts, she can help raise a kinder, more accepting generation. 

The pursuit of unity and fellowship within the nanny community is what lead Sarah to her volunteer role as Community Director for CincyNanny. She believes that having a supportive community is imperative to success within the industry, and she wants to provide that support for all other local nannies. Sarah also co-leads the Nanny Panel in organizing social and professional development opportunities for local nannies.    

In 2020, Sarah was hired as our Recruiting Assistant bringing her wonderful experience as a nanny and active community member to the agency work. Sarah supports the candidate process, helps to recruit, screen candidates, check references and prepare nanny profiles. Her warmth, attention to detail and sincere compassion make her such an asset to our staff!

In her free time, Sarah enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, hanging out with her long-haired black cat, Minerva, and all things Harry Potter.


This group of local nanny leaders volunteers for a 1-year term. They serve to create and execute events as well as support and guide the professional community overall.  Their work includes monthly meetings, creating and planning, hosting events, and supporting nannies in our community.  Get to know the ladies who are leading the way, this year. The Nanny Panel is co-led by Sarah Foster and Greta Schraer.


Lindsey Kanis Ayers is a nanny and house manager of 16 years, mother of two and coffee enthusiast. Lindsey believes in letting kids learn through discovery, exposure to nature, music and books as well as building strong relationships and communication skills. She says the greatest joy of her career is giving and receiving love every day and boasts making the best grilled cheese sandwich in town.


Reagan is a Professional Nanny and Household manager in the Cincinnati Area. Returning to Nanny Panel for a second year, she is excited to see the growth, through turmoil, in our community and continue to nurture the CincyNanny community again in 2021. She is driven by a belief that childhood is fleeting and magical, fostering an environment where children can thrive and learn through play with days filled with exploring nature, observing, and appreciating the world around us. She values teaching emotional intelligence through mindfulness, acts of kindness, and embracing and processing our emotions in a healthy way. Using the world as a classroom and every day as an opportunity to learn. Her adventure came in November 2017 when her son, Rowen, was born—the perfect nanny assistant, accompanying her on the job since he was 6 weeks old. When not nannying, Reagan enjoys photography, PC gaming, gardening, and getting outside and adventuring with her family.


Sarah Gondos’ nannying style focuses on raising emotionally intelligent children who are respectful, humorous, compassionate, and embrace their own unique qualities. While she values her education in Child and Family Development, she has also mastered some things that can’t be taught in school such as the art of mud puddle splashing and pillow fort architecture.


A nanny and family assistant for 10 years, Karen Musclow holds a BA in Early Educational Studies, has her INA credential, and has been a part of the CincyNanny community almost since its inception. She strives to make learning and fun a part of every day as she nurtures each child’s unique interests and works with the parents to keep the household functioning smoothly. Karen loves how far the CincyNanny community has come and is looking forward to helping it grow even more in 2020.


Amanda works as a nanny and household manager in Cincinnati, Ohio and loves every minute of it! Amanda believes in a teaching philosophy that incorporates children’s social, physical, intellectual, cultural, and emotional learning needs, to educate the whole child, and foster well rounded, polite, independent thinkers.  She enjoys watching her charges make new discoveries and overcome challenges. She loves using experiential learning to engage her charges and excite their love of learning, which works well for her on-the-go employers! In addition to nannying, Amanda also serves as an ambassador for the International Nanny Association, and is excited to be a chapter lead this year. When she’s not nannying, Amanda loves to travel and spend as much time as possible outside on the water.


Taneisha Walton knew 19 years ago, when her first infant was put into her arms to care for, that she was meant for this! She is a nanny, an animal lover, and a major foodie. She is a zealous reader, and believes that there are lessons to be learned in every moment. Taneisha has a background in foster care and social work. She is so excited to give back to the CincyNanny community while serving on Nanny Panel.