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CincyNanny is the place for professional nannies and the families that hire them, in the Greater Cincinnati area. Nannies are gathering for play dates, education, and social events. Families are finding resources and meeting caregivers to join their family team.

With the goal of elevating knowledge and standard of the local nanny, we are advocating for the profession. With a desire to support the family on their important search for elite care we provide for families. All this, ultimately, to enrich the lives of children.

From community to coaching, jobs board to placement, CincyNanny has services to meet families and nannies where they are at.




As a proud member of the International Nanny Association, we uphold their standards of professionalism!

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After attending a professional nanny conference hosted by the International Nanny Association, Greta Schraer was connected with supreme professionals in the nanny industry. She was extremely inspired and longed to see the same happen closer to home. She knew a handful of nannies and went in search of more. CincyNanny began in an effort to develop community with other professionals.

In fall of 2009, CincyNanny hosted our first event: a National Nanny Recognition Week Dinner. Events like these have been happening in cities all across the country since 1998. We used the NNRW event to gather nannies to see where they would like the community to go. All were excited for the support, professional guidance, and industry connections. Each nanny was honored for her unique impact in the profession.

CincyNanny quickly grew with more and more nannies connecting online first through a resource blog and then a private online forum. Nannies met up for play dates and local workshops. Families also became aware of this resource and sought it out for their own quality care. The Jobs Board was created as an option for nannies and families to connect with each other. Word of mouth has allowed CincyNanny to grow organically and quickly without any advertising. When you find a good thing, you talk about it.

To date CincyNanny has been matched countless nannies and families in positions, while answering questions, and sharing expertise. We honor both the elite nannies and the quality families we’ve represented. We have hosted dozens of play dates, traveled to a handful of conferences, and developed valuable friendships. All the while, encouraging the utmost professionalism by the industry standard.



core values

CincyNanny leads out of the following Core Values;  We seek to work with clients, nanny candidates, employees and volunteers that are in agreement.  

|  INTEGRITY  | We strive for excellence and doing the right thing in alignment with high standards of the industry and the law. This is expressed in areas such as background screening, requirement of legal pay, agreements and expectations. Excellence is not perfection; we admit when we make mistakes and find the lesson in each.

|  LOYALTY  | We are committed to good, thorough work with and families and nannies.  We are trusted because we work hard, work efficiently, provide open communication and follow-through.  We respect the privacy of all we engage. As the expert, we provide individualized coaching through the process and ongoing support.

|  INNOVATION  | We value continued learning and growth in both skill and knowledge. We will look to improve our services and systems and exercise creativity in marketing and methods to offer our best to the industry. We seek to provide creative solutions on all fronts.

|  COLLABORATION  | We are positive, respectful team players; together we are more knowledgeable, creative, and powerful. We look to see the local and national nanny community unified, strengthened and supported while raising up and empowering women to be leaders in the nanny industry.

|  PURPOSE  | We know that our voice is unique, our passion is fuel and our influence is important. We believe we are called to bring change to our world – empowering women, strengthening families, and enriching the lives of children.


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