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family app button newCincyNanny will work as your agent to find, interview, screen, and place your nanny. You share in the interview process and choose which nanny will join your family team.

Families choose us for nanny placement for different reasons. Some families are in a crunch for time. Our search is thorough yet efficient. Other families want to make sure that they find the best out there, and CincyNanny brings experience and expertise to the screening process. Families that are new to employing a nanny may not know where to start and want to partner with an experienced agent. Whatever your reason, CincyNanny ‘Elite Nanny Placement’ will not let you down!

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Families can expect the search and hire process to take 3-8 weeks, once the initial Family Assessment is complete.


The placement fee is based on your nanny’s salary & benefits package, charged at the end of the process once CincyNanny has found “the fit”  prior to the nanny’s start date.

A $275 non-refundable retainer is due prior to the Family Assessment and will be applied toward the total cost of services.

Total placement fees are 12-18% based on the nanny’s salary & benefits package. Rate is decided by the family client:  12% for a 30-day replacement guarantee, 15% for a 90-day replacement guarantee, or 18% for a 180-day replacement guarantee. A minimum of $1500 is collected for part-time and temporary positions.

Our Process:

    1. Family Assessment
      Our agent will come to your home to meet your family, assess your needs and understand your values. (60-90 minutes).
    2. Market & Promote the Position
      Your job will have an exhaustive listing, sent to current candidates and be promoted to our community and boosted on social media.
    3. CincyNanny Interviews & Screens Candidates  We will receive applications, review professional resumes, thoroughly vet all candidates and communicate on your behalf. A candidate’s screening process includes:
      +  Application & Essay questions
      +  Initial pre-screens assuring alignment of job, specifics, pay, schedule, experience, etc.
      +  In-person behavioral interview to ensure  ‘Elite Nanny’ qualities
      +  Reference checks for both competency and character
      +  INA Basic Skills Assessment, requiring 70% passing in the subjects of health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development.
    4. Family reviews Nanny Profiles & Interviews Candidates.
      Families can interview multiple candidates, inviting back those with strong potential for a “working interview” with their family. Family chooses to move forward with one candidate.
    5. Background Screening & Motor Vehicle Check
      Through our local partner company, we’ll perform a  7 Year Look, Multi‐County Criminal Check which includes Protective Orders, National Criminal Database, Violent Sex Offender Search, SSN Trace, and Motor Vehicle Record Search (Drug testing and other options also available).
    6. Job Offer with Work Agreement
      Once your family has chosen your nanny, CincyNanny will help the family develop and extensive Work Agreement (60 minute consult). The nanny will give feedback, then both parties agree and sign. Family sets up payroll, taxes, workman’s comp, with help from CincyNanny and Homework Solutions (if desired).
    7. Nanny Joins the Family Team!
      Family hires nanny with a 30-day probation period (CincyNanny will replace nanny within that time frame at no additional cost to family).  Family may also choose a 90-day replacement guarantee for additional cost.

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Ready to get started?
Fill out the Family Application Form (click button below), and CincyNanny will be in contact with you!

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‘ Elite Family’ Requirements:

  • Must complete the initial family application
  • Must agree to an in-person family assessment with CincyNanny, so we can deeply understand your family’s needs
  • Must agree to a mutual work agreement with nanny
  • Must agree to pay a fair wage and withhold taxes,  legally adhering to FCRA laws
  • Must agree to our thorough background screening process (see above)

Nanny Candidate Requirements:

  • Must fill out an extensive application and provide a professional resume including each job in the last 10 years.
  • Must provide character and employer references
  • Must have significant childcare experience
  • Must have a clean driving record and background check.
  • Must be CPR/First Aid certified prior to hire date
  • Must be willing to take and pass the INA basic skills assessment
  • There may be additional requirements as desired by the individual family hiring

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