Blog_ Safety Day Recap

Written by Jes O’Connor

A focus on safety is important in every workplace, so CincyNanny helps local nannies stay up to date on common safety needs, to take back into their every day nanny life. Together we reflected on what’s important and find new ways to build a better safety culture in the nanny community .

The Safety Day Trainings began in 2013 with strictly CPR and first aid, but in 2016 a second track was added, to include two additional areas of safety topics.  Last year’s opportunities were Car Seat Safety and Top Ten Emergencies presented by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Safety Day provides an opportunity for nannies to hear about the latest advancements in safety. The discussion and workshops focus on a range of themes including how we can improve safety in our daily lives and be more resource-ready.

The first session this year was American Heart Association CPR, AED & First Aid for Adult, Infant & Child presented by a local fire fighter, “Rock”. Nannies practiced with dummies to learn correct hand placement for compressions, correct breathing, AED machine use and basic first aid.




The second session included:

Introduction to Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis presented by Heather Yee. She provided information on how to adjust daily activities and habits around food that is all around. Nannies learned ways to identify a reaction, know when to administer life saving medication and have a healthy awareness of food.heather again






Self defense presented by Lindsey Faeth. A realistic self defense course that gave nannies knowledge and the confidence to keep themselves and their nanny children safe. selfdefense

Some of the suggestions put forward at the Safety Day events include:

  • Compressions while performing CPR should be hard, deep and fast.
  • Ask permission before preforming the Heimlich Maneuver on a person.
  • Never tilt the head back or forward when there is a nose bleed. Apply pressure in a neutral position and apply ice.
  • Alway treat a food allergy like it’s a life threatening allergy
  • Hand sanitizer does not kill proteins from foods- be sure to wash your hands and eating area with soap and water or a baby wipe after each time you eat to help prevent allergic reactions
  • If you have a weapon only use it if you know how to use it correctly and to its full potential
  • Always resist an attack
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Make eye contact with people.
  • Practice a loud scream with your child, so if someone ever grabs them they know how to scream to be heard

sd group 2

See you again next August!