It’s time to meet the Nanny Panel, 2016-2017.  They are voted into the role by INA Nanny of the Year Award Recipients from all over the country to serve as leaders in our local CincyNanny community. This group volunteers behind the scenes to help plan big events and speak for the community! (Pictures are shared with permission of the family.)


Meet Missy

1. Tell us about your current position/role?
Just started with a family with 4 boys! A set of 4yr old twins and a 6 and 8 yr old. There is a ton of energy and a task to get all the boys on track. Once we all are on the same page working with the boys this family is going to be Golden:) I look forward to helping these amazing boys become wonderful young gentlemen:)
2. Why is this career a good fit for you?  
I love making a difference and using my experience to help families and children in need. Seeing good behavior, relieving stress, and supporting a healthy purposeful childhood personalized to every families need gives me pride and hope. Raising children is the most important job you could ever have and I get to guide minds for a better future:)
3. What is your favorite age to work with and why?  
Every age has different challenges…. I’ve found that 2 year olds are fun, silly, and an age that can be molded and absorbs so much to be able to start at 2 and stay as long as I’m needed is my favorite situation and age.
4. What is your latest nanny win?
My latest win has been  this opportunity:) I am always thinking,dreaming and brainstorming like a nanny:) having this support and outlet to work with has me ecstatic. Now just making sure I keep up to speed with all of the great things happening within this group:)
5. What is your all-time favorite movie? musical artist?
It is hard for me to say I have a favorite anything because it all depends on the moments. I enjoy apocalyptic type storylines in all genres. I am the same way with music 🙂 presently I’m listening to country music majority of the time.
6. If someone gave you an hour and $100, how would you spend it?
Well.. I’d probably pay a bill and eat some chipotle;) but if they didn’t allow the money for a bill and just something try to find a ticket to a play. I super enjoy Broadway shows but find them to be quite pricey:)
7. What has been your favorite CincyNanny event?
I always enjoy getting together with like myself minded nanny women:) I enjoyed my first event getting CPR Certification that is where I was introduced to CincyNanny thanks to a personal Nanny client that gifted the class to me:)