It’s time to meet the Nanny Panel, 2016-2017.  They are voted into the role by INA Nanny of the Year Award Recipients from all over the country to serve as leaders in our local CincyNanny community. This group volunteers behind the scenes to help plan big events and speak for the community! (Pictures are shared with permission of the family.)
1. Tell us about your current position/role? 

I’m in my ninth year (with the same family) as a nanny/house manager in Indian Hill. I care for 2 boys: 8 and 11 years old. I also bring y 4 year old daughter most days. While the children are at school, I tend to household duties like grocery shopping, the children’s laundry, errand running, coordinating schedules and occasional cooking. Once the kids get off the bus I’m making snacks, helping with homework and manning carpool duties.

2. Why is this career a good fit for you? 

Every day is different. Honestly, I’m never bored. There is always plenty to do and it is always appreciated by someone. Kids are refreshing and I enjoy seeing the world through their eyes. I especially love watching them navigate the world each day with the tools I’m teaching them. And my favorite reason: love. I get to give and receive love every single day as part of my job. It’s pretty amazing!

3. What is your favorite age to work with and why? 

I’ve worked with days old babies, I’ve helped teach a teen to drive and everything in between. They all simultaneously fulfill me and terrify me. If I had had to pick I think toddler through preschool is my favorite age. I love watching their little personalities blossom and they learn so many new things almost daily. This is also a phase of hilarious mispronunciations and cute little questions and realizations. 

4. What is your latest nanny win? 
A mom at school told me not only that she thought my oldest charge was “a great kid” but that her daughter said he’s the nicest boy in the grade and he’s one of the only boys who will really talk to her and most of the other girls. I nearly cried…. whatever we’re doing is working just fine. I sent Mom Boss a message immediately and we gave each other virtual high fives.
5. What is your all-time favorite movie? musical artist?
I really struggled with this one… but I have to say “A League of Their Own” is my all time favorite. My sisters and I used to watch it as kids. As an adult, I now realize how important it is to know that girls can do all the things boys can do. Even baseball.
6. If someone gave you an hour and $100, how would you spend it?

This is so easy! I’d get a massage. I’m best at taking care of others when I’ve taken the best care of myself first. As they say: you can’t pour from an empty cup.

7. What has been your favorite CincyNanny event?
I think National Nanny Recognition Week 2016 was pretty awesome. It was fun to get dressed up (the theme was Sparkle and Shine. We all wore black dresses and brought a little “bling”). I also enjoyed the view of our gorgeous city from our private rooftop at Mt. Adams Pavilion. After dinner and some of the formalities it was great to see some of the nannies “dance like nobody was watching” and let loose.