It’s time to meet the Nanny Panel, 2016-2017.  They are voted into the role by INA Nanny of the Year Award Recipients from all over the country to serve as leaders in our local CincyNanny community. This group volunteers behind the scenes to help plan big events and speak for the community! (Pictures are shared with permission of the family.)

Meet Jes

jes-2 1. What is your current position/role? 
I am a full time nanny in Montgomery to two wonderful little girls. C is 5 and E is 3.

2. Why is this career a good fit for you?
Children have always been my passion of mine, but nannying takes it to another level of being a part of not only a child’s development, but an entire families. The relationships you form with families is what makes this career work for me. It’s such a great team experience.

3. What is your favorite age to work with and why?
I think it’s a tie between infants and preschool. Of course baby snuggles are a huge perk, but I also enjoy watching how much development takes place in the first year. Preschoolers develop such personalities and hearing all the funny things they say can make a day great.



4. What is your latest nanny win?

I am learning to balance my work load to add personal time: spending time with friends and playing tennis. I have also registered for my first INA conference in May 2017, which I have been wanting to attend for a couple years.

5. What is your all-time favorite movie? musical artist?
My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. My favorite musical artist is….well anyone/anything country. Thy Will by Hillary Scott is probably my favorite song so I like her a lot. Carrie Underwood also has a lot of music I like.

6. If someone gave you an hour and $100, how would you spend it?

I would probably set out to buy clothes for myself, but end up with some sort of new baby gear.

7. What has been your favorite CincyNanny event?
National nanny recognition dinner 2016.