family tip #2

The most time-consuming part of my job as an agent is tracking down references. Yet, it is also one go the most important parts of the screening process; I learn so much from them!

As I interview a nanny, I start to learn her story. I add a timeline, personality, and history to the equation. But, once I speak to the reference, the information all starts to melt together.  Asking great open-ended questions (like what the nanny is best at and why the job ended) can provide valuable pieces to the puzzle.

So, if you are nanny reading this, please think carefully about who you choose for your references. Do they really know you, your values, your character… beyond the day to day work? Are they your fans, encouragers, and invested in your future? If they are, they will be willing to return calls and tell your story. You want these people!

If you are a family hiring for yourself, I beg you not to skip this step. It is crucial in understanding your candidates. Make sure to note the data and look for inconsistencies between the nanny’s interview, but also be aware that references can provide you with a lot of positive information about a candidate, as well.

To the families that are using CincyNanny as an agent, you can be sure that CincyNanny spends time evaluating each nanny candidate with our thorough process. Reference checks are foundational and many times leads to a new view of a candidate. The details from references are outlined in each candidate’s nanny profile. We hope to save you the time and effort of interviewing a candidate that isn’t right for you.

Action Step: Always check references!

Tune in each Tuesday where we post tips for nannies and families!