By: Amy Miller

Googly eyes last forever! You can’t just buy one or two, but what do you do with all those extra googly eyes? I try to save them for another project down the road, but somehow I end up finding googly eyes everywhere. Here are some simple, but very fun googly eye crafts, that maybe you haven’t thought of before. So, go ahead, Go Crazy with the Googly Eyes!

Buy a pair of children’s sunglasses and add googly eyes. (Super glue, or self adhere googly eyes) Wear and act silly!

Googly Bracelets

Buy metal or rubber bracelets and glue/self adhere on googly eyes. Simple! Wear and have fun! You could also buy the different colored googly eyes really making unique bracelets. Little girls will especially love these to add to their dress up collection. Great for an activity/party favor for birthdays! 

Make Simple Everyday Chores Fun!

Just by adding googly eyes to a hairbrush, toothbrush, glue bottle, or pair of scissors you can make everyday things a little more fun for the kids. Now, they have a special friend to help them brush their hair, brush their teeth, glue and cut during art or even homework times. (Self adhering googly eyes will work best for this project. Easy to put on and easy to take off.) 

Rock Garden Friends

Have a scavenger hunt for rocks. Once the kids are finished searching for rocks, give them paint, glue, glitter, etc to decorate. Add googly eyes, of course. Place your rock friends in the yard, garden, or flower pot. You could also use seashells.

Googly Family Cups

Buy some cheap, white, and different size coffee mugs. Have the kids paint them and super glue/self adhere on the googly eyes. Drink and enjoy! When not using the cups, set them up as a family of cups for a cute decoration. 

Googly Eyes!

The kids will have lots of fun with this mess free activity. Just give them a few magazines and a pack of self adhere googly eyes. Now they can cover up the eyes of babies, animals, or whatever with googly eyes. Make even more fun or should I say funny by giving them photos and they can googly eye themselves!

A traditional game with a googly twist. Play “I Spy”, but use a giant googly eye stick. (Large googly eye glued/self adhered to a tongue depressor) You have two activities in one: a craft and a game. Don’t throw that giant googly eye stick away! Recycle for your beginner reader. Encourage your young child to read and make it fun with the googly eye guide.

A few of my googly ideas came from, and Check their sites out for more and then start…

Going Crazy With Googly Eyes!!!