So excited to offer coaching services for nannies!

Sessions are 60 minutes and are held at a convenient coffee shop or over zoom. Pick from one of the options below or create your own topics!

Cost: $79 per session

Nanny 101

  • Qualifications of a professional nanny
  • Basic skills required of a professional nanny
  • Legalities of working as a nanny
  • Expectations of a nanny job
  • Industry standards and “best practices”
  • Setting the foundation of a work agreement

Nanny Classified

  • How to market and present yourself
  • Putting together the perfect resume
  • Preparing your references
  • Elements of an outstanding portfolio
  • How to find and keep a great job
  • Mock-interview with frequently asked questions

Nanny Elite

  • Nannying as long-term career
  • Opportunities for continuing education
  • Certifications that set you apart
  • Negotiating professional benefits
  • Ways to broaden your experience
  • Finding your niche’

Nanny FAQ

  • Conflict resolution
  • Year-end performance review | raise discussion
  • Reboost your job search
  • Navigating transition
  • Send your questions ahead for industry standard/ best practice responses
  • We can talk through and role play the situation if applicable

 Nanny Balance

  • Setting Rhythms (weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals: personal, professional & financial
  • How to prioritize and minimalise
  • Self-care and rest for the nanny
  • Planning Theme Weeks for your charges to aim toward their developmental milestones and family’s goals for their children.