The Nanny Industry…
If you are new to hiring a nanny, check out this list of resources sharing industry standards and legal guidelines. We will share much more throughout the placement process, but below is ‘the best of’.

DIY Hire:
We understand that some families have the time and resources to hire a nanny on their own. If that is the case, we are happy to consult your search, giving you the tools and steps to make the process efficient and successful. Also, we can support your hire with A La Carte’ Services like interview/reference support, background screening and a work agreement consult. 

Please reach out; we are happy to help get you guided in the right direction.



Under common law, a worker who performs services for you is your employee if you have the right to control what will be done and how is will be done. It does not matter if the work is performed on a full-time or part-time basis.


  • Tax obligations  – social security, medicare, etc.
  • How to take advantage of tax breaks – dependent care, child care tax credit, non-taxable compensation, etc.
  • Understand the law around employee benefits
  • Understand basic labor laws
  • Understand the benefits of paying legally
  • How to pay the nanny – gross wage, stated in rate per hour
  • Understand the process of “Nanny Tax” compliance

BAD NEWS: You (the family) are responsible to collect taxes (nanny’s portion and employer’s portion) via payroll deductions to pay the IRS. If you fail to collect, you remain obligated to pay this tax.

GOOD NEWS: Tax breaks available for dependent care expenses will typically offset the employer taxes for nanny employment!

For details, resources, and answers to your questions:


HomeWork Solutions – Household Payroll and Tax Services has been helping families just like yours for over 25 years! They provide free consultations in all 50 states, along with concierge quality service to each of their clients.

You may review their servicesschedule a consultation, or download the free eBook: HWS Guide to Household Payroll.

We would be happy to personally connect with our CincyNanny representative, Rachel Lawrence, just  let us know.

Rachel Lawrence
[email protected]
800-NaniTax (800.626.4829)
*Mention CincyNanny for specialized service


Have you found a nanny on your own and need would like to perform additional screening?  We can support your hire, by putting your candidate through our screening process. Pick and choose from the options below:

  • Final Interview + Complete Nanny Profile |  $175
    CincyNanny will meet your chosen nanny applicant in person and interview them, just as we do for placement. We will review your candidate’s resume and experience, give a personality self-assessment, perform a thorough interview (behavioral style), and even assess “Greta’s Gold” (These are the 5 characteristics our director looks for in a professional nanny).  In addition, CincyNanny will contact your nanny candidate’s references (4) via phone call asking pertinent questions. The family client will receive a written report of all the information gathered.
  • INA Basic Skills Assessment   |  $25
    CincyNanny will offer your nanny candidate the International Nanny Association’s Basic Skills Assessment, at cost if purchase from the the INA. This is a 40 question multiple choice assessment on the subjects of health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development. Passing score is 70%.
  • Basic Background Screen  |  $135  
    SSN Trace, 7-Year Look Multi‐County Criminal Check, includes Protective Orders (up to 3 counties, +$10 for each additional county),  National Criminal Database, Violent Sex Offender Search, and Driving Record. Results typically take 48 hours or less.
  • Drug Test   $70
    9-panel drug test. Results typically take 2-3 days.

*Note that A la carte’ pricing is per candidate. If you would like CincyNanny to interview and screen multiple candidates, it may be more economical to choose our Nanny Placement Services (click here to read more)

→ Complete the Family Application and choose “A La Carte Services” to get started.


Have you found a nanny on your own and need would like to design a work agreement?

Work Agreement Consult  |  $295
CincyNanny will meet with you in person to consult and help draft a Work Agreement specifically for your family, this will take about 60 minutes. We have a thorough template to start with and will add the unique aspects of your position. Once the Work Agreement is complete, the client family will be provided an editable version to make updates for years to come.

This option is offered in-person or virtually and takes about 60 minutes

→ Complete the Family Application and choose “A La Carte Services” to get started.


Family Coaching Consult for DIY Hire | $275

CincyNanny will meet with you and walk you through all the basics to DIY hire your nanny. We share our methods and trade tips and give you insight on how to hire. We talk through your position, pay, and pinpoint your values and priorities that will help attract the right nanny for your unique needs.  We share with you our workbook designed and answer your questions about all things nanny. These resources you will need to search, screen, interview, and hire will  save you time and make the process simple and clear!

This is  offered in-person or virtually  and will take 60-90 minutes.

→ Complete the Family Application and choose “A la Carte Services” to get started.


*Until further notice, back-up care is currently unavailable due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

We seek to help our current clients with back-up care for their current nanny. Unfortunately, we cannot help with emergency or sick care. Please give at least 48 hours notice for us to work on your request. Back-up nannies are usually in-between their long-term jobs and may need to be background checked before accepting a back-up job.

Scheduling Fee: $35/day
Pay to nanny: usually $18-20/hour

→ Complete the Family Application and choose the “Back-up Care” option to share your care needs.


CincyNanny hosts quarterly trainings which are typically Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The cost only $30-50/person. Follow our social media for updates & registration. 

CincyNanny Training Academy 2020 Schedule: 
(TBD because of Covid-19)

  • Safety Day – late summer 
  • Professional focus – fall 
  • Childcare focus – winter 
  • International Nanny Training Day – spring

Consider reimbursing your nanny as they continues their professional development. 


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Placement Services

Read more about our full-service nanny placement services. We work for with your family to recruit, screen and place a nanny who aligns with your unique needs and values.