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family app button newChildcare is one of the most important decisions a family will make. It’s a decision that may come quickly but should not be made hastily. Families may choose to DIY the process of finding and hiring a nanny. CincyNanny is here to coach you through the steps and share with you tools, strategy and best practice.

Get started with the ‘Essentials’, then ‘Add-on’ the options that your family needs to close the position with your new nanny.  To start the process, just fill out the Family Application and we will be in contact!.

Open: Your Search | $275

  • Family Coaching Consult
    CincyNanny will meet with you (60-90 minute consult) to walk you through all the basics to DIY hire your nanny. We share our methods and trade tips on how to hire a nanny. We can talk through your position, pay, and answer the unique questions you might have. We will give you insight to hire!
  • DIY Playbook
    We share with you our workbook designed to take you step by step through the search and hire process. We provide the resources you will need to search, screen, interview, and hire your nanny. We save you time and make it simple for you!

Close: Your Hire | A la’ carte Options

  • Final Interview + Complete Nanny Profile |  $160 
    CincyNanny will meet your chosen nanny applicant in person and interview them, just as we do for placement. We will review your candidate’s resume and experience, give a personality self-assessment, perform a thorough interview (behavioral style), and even assess “Greta’s Gold” (These are the 5 characteristics our director looks for in a professional nanny).  In addition, CincyNanny will contact your nanny candidate’s references (4) via phone call asking pertinent questions. The family client will receive a written report of all the information gathered.
  • INA Basic Skills Assessment   |  $25
    CincyNanny will offer your nanny candidate the International Nanny Association’s Basic Skills Assessment, at cost if purchase from the the INA. This is a 40 question multiple choice assessment on the subjects of health, safety, nutrition, professionalism and child development. Passing score is 70%.
  • Basic Background Screen  |  $95+  
    SSN Trace, 7-Year Look Multi‐County Criminal Check, includes Protective Orders (up to 3 counties, +$10 for each additional county),  National Criminal Database, Violent Sex Offender Search, and Driving Record.  Usually takes 48 hours or less for results. 
  • Drug Test   $70
    9-panel drug test. It usually take 2-3 days for results.
  • Work Agreement Draft  |  $225
    CincyNanny will meet with you again in person to draft a Work Agreement specifically for your family (60 minutes). We have a thorough template to start with and will add the unique aspects of your position. Once the Work Agreement is complete, the client family will be provided an editable version to make updates for years to come.

*Note that A la carte’ pricing is per candidate. If you would like CincyNanny to interview and screen multiple candidates, it may be more economical to choose our Elite Placement Services (click here)


‘Essentials Family’ Requirements:

  • Must complete the initial family application
  • Must agree to an in-person family coaching consult with CincyNanny, so we can understand your family’s needs prior to listing
  • Must agree to a mutual work agreement with nanny
  • Must agree to pay a fair wage and withhold taxes,  legally adhering to FCRA laws
  • Must agree to a background screen

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