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CincyNanny seeks to enrich the lives of children by connecting quality Cincinnati families with a community of professional & engaging nannies. We offer services to assist your specific family, bringing our experience, expertise and resources to the table. Our family clients have access to our community of professional nannies.


Coaching is for the family that wants to DIY the process but doesn’t know what it means to employ a nanny, what steps to take or have the resources to do it effectively. We bookend your search with the tools you need to get started and then close the hire with safety and efficiency. We will share our DIY Playbook, DIY Hire Classes (short videos). You can post on our Jobs Board unlimited for 1 year and nannies interested can apply. Your family can take on the whole process themselves and add-on services (background screening, work agreement, etc) to assist your hire. For more info. and cost, click here: Family Essentials | DIY Hire (click here)
Placement is where CincyNanny works as an agent for you. We meet your family in your home to understand your values and your unique needs. Then, we promote and attract the right candidates, screen, assess skill, and provide you with detailed Nanny Profiles and resumes. You choose who to interview. Once you are ready to hire, CincyNanny closes the job with a very through background screen, work agreement, and payroll resources.  While offering our network of relationships, experience, and expertise, we save you time and effort. Our goal is a long-term successful working relationship.  For more info, click here: Family Elite | Placement Services (click here)

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You decide what you want to invest and we will support your family’s needs.

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