Meet The Director

profile pic logos b & wGreta Schraer has been in the childcare industry for over 20 years. She began working with children at  age 12, after becoming a Red Cross Certified Babysitter, and has loved it ever since. Her positive spirit, natural leadership, and simple admiration for children, has left her a treasured member of many families. Lifeguard, babysitter, youth minister, professional nanny, and now mother, Greta invests her heart and values in every relationship she shares.

While working  as a nanny for young triplet boys, Greta began meeting more and more nannies during their adventures around Cincinnati. Seeing a common desire to connect, she started a community for nannies. CincyNanny was founded in September of 2009. Greta’s entrepreneurial drive, and high standards for care have led her to be a national leader in the professional nanny world.

In May of 2010, Greta was the recipient of the International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year award. She has volunteered on the INA membership committee, served on the INA Board of Directors, and remains an active member of this association. She has also received and INA Service Award Pin for her years of service as a professional nanny. Greta has shared her experiences and wisdom writing for the national website, Regarding Nannies, as well as articles for the INAVision.

Greta has a passion to mentor nannies. She feel privileged to guide families as they navigate their way through quality care choices for their children. She hopes that CincyNanny will continue to set a standard for the nanny industry in this city and beyond.

Greta is married to the love of her life, Doug, and they have 2 sweet boys, Isaac and Luke. In her free time, Greta is a life-long learner, adores travel, theology, accomplishing organization and creative projects, teaching swing dance, as well as managing projects for her church. She thinks there is nothing better than the warmth of a sleeping baby, the sound of a rainstorm, a walk on the beach with her husband, or a full-bodied cabernet.


Notes of reference:

“Greta has shown herself to be a great leader amongst her peers as well as those who are older than she. She is looked up to with great respect and honor. She has proven herself to be a person with oustanding leadership skills which are above many I have known. Her heart’s desire to serve others, no matter what their situation, is incredibly commendable.” ~ Dale C. 

“Her impact on both of our children as a positive, loving role model was very clear from the beginning. Greta’s faith and positive energy created an atmosphere of confidence and mutual respect that our children continue to demonstrate today.” ~ Patrick W.

“Greta Schraer was not only my first babysitter but one of my most important childhood role models. The impact that she had on me when I was growing up was priceless…. the title nanny doesn’t really give the depth of our relationship justice.”  ~ Blair H. 

“She is a professional in every respect of the word. She belongs to and participates in national nanny organizations. She has taken the time and initiative to found CincyNanny, a group dedicated to improving the quality of employment for nannies, improving the quality and skills of nannies, providing support and information for nannies, and providing social network of play dates and nights out for the area nannies… She is tireless in her dedication to our family and her profession.” ~ JoAnn M.